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Dental Fillings

Comprehensive General & Family Dentistry


Dental Fillings

If you don’t keep up with your oral hygiene, plaque can build up on your teeth and lead to decay. Eventually, this can result in small holes in the enamel called cavities. Without treatment, cavities can cause tooth loss and other serious health consequences.

That’s why it’s crucial to eliminate cavities as soon as they’re detected. If you have a decayed tooth, learn how we can restore its strength and appearance with a composite filling.

If you have a decayed tooth, we can restore it back to its normal shape and function using composite or porcelain material. Dr. Haque will carefully examine your tooth and discuss your options before beginning the filling procedure.

If a filling is required, Dr. Haque will first remove the decayed tooth material and clean out all affected area. The cavity will then be filled with the best filling material. The filling will help prevent further decay by closing off any spaces where bacteria might enter. The tooth will also regain normal functionality.

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